‘Excess Love’ Cover, ‘Zaidi’ Press Release

With the Easter holidays just around the corner, we are reminded in this period that precedes it to give thanks and reflect in the most pious of seasons. The smooth and expressive vocals from Ivlyn Mutua’s cover of Mercy Chinwo’s ‘Excess Love’ brings to life modern worship music with an intimate embrace. The song is done in Swahili, ‘Zaidi‘ meaning ‘too much’ has been given a jubilant and triumphant tone. She gives a refreshing spirit to the poignant autobiographical backdrop.

With a wealth of musical styles, it is no surprise that her time leading contemporary worship music comes so naturally to her. Ivlyn is also well known for her reggae and ragga background while she began pursuing her solo career. She is currently an artist in residence at Taurus Musik . Many know her as part of the trio that did the background vocals for various artists in the music show Coke Studio. Among her successes thus far, she was also nominated for a Groove Award  for ‘Delilah‘ in 2015.

With a debut album imminent, the singer, songwriter and performing artist endeavours to deliver more of her soaring melodies. No doubt you will be enthralled by Ivlyn’s soulful version of ‘Zaidi’ with an encapsulating spell.

Listen to it here:

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